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Questions that college coaches WISH PLAYERS WOULD ASK US MORE: What do you like most about working/coaching at your school? What is your favorite spot on campus? After your players graduate from your school, what are some of the jobs/careers they move into?

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What is your coaching philosophy? How do I know you’re not a jerk (or some variation)? What is your biggest challenge is as a coach? How do you deal with players (or parents) who are out of line? Define sportsmanship. How are you going to communicate with your student athletes? What would your typical practice look like?

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1. Volleyball coach interview question: Tell me a little about yourself? A question like this is very crucial but... 2. Volleyball coach interview question: What are your greatest strengths? Pamela Skillings, an interview coach,... 3. Volleyball coach interview question: What do you consider to be ...

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Examples include: How are you and your team doing during this time? What are your future goals for your program? What are you looking for in a (your position)? Do you have any tips on what I can continue working on?

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INTERVIEW TIPS FOR VOLLEYBALL COACHES. Always dress up. Sure, it’s an interview to coach. And when you’re coaching, you can dress down into (nice) athletic gear. But the interview is no place for sweats and a sweatshirt! Prepare answers in advance. Smooth conversation will improve your chances of getting a call back.

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Talking To A College Coach? Always Ask 13 Questions Before You Commit. 1.) What are the core values of your program? This is a very key question for you in understanding what is prioritized in the athletic program. Every ... 2.) Why do you coach? What is your overall coaching philosophy? 3.) What is ...

34 Questions to Ask College Coaches during Recruiting

What Types of Questions to Ask? First of all, there is no limit to the types of questions you can ask. However, you do want to make sure you ask a wide range of questions. You would NOT, for example, want to ask just questions about scholarship money. This would show you are not interested in the specific program. Likewise, you don’t want to just ask questions about the team’s win record. This would show that you are not looking at all of the benefits the program can offer.

Ten Questions with Shah – Volleyball Player

Ten Questions with Shah – Volleyball Player. ... So, I asked him to ask his coach if I could join and was in the program for 1 year, before switching to YDP basketball. After I finished school ...