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Focus on getting a proper tennis forehand grip by spreading your index finger and having your hand angled on the racquet. When you swing, concentrate on developing feel with the ball while making contact. Finally, remind yourself to breath and relax your hand throughout the shot to get that easy power on the forehand.

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Forehand myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your forehands potential. Most players ...

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Tennis forehand grip index finger. You should align the palm of your hand with your rackets strings. You should align the palm of your hand with your rackets strings. When the heel pad of the palm and bottom knuckle of the index finger rests between bevel 1 and 2 we call it the Continental grip.

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The index finger will sit in a kind of ‘trigger’ position, with the rest of the fingers remaining close together as they wrap around the handle. Forehand Grip Types The key difference between the various types of grip is how the knuckle below your index finger and the heel of the hand (on the opposite side to the thumb at the base of your hand) are positioned.

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The numbers now indicate the area on which you place the knuckle of the index finger and the palm of the little finger. There are three fundamental grips with different characteristics especially for the forehand: Eastern grip; Semi-Western grip; Western grip; In general you always use your dominant hand for the forehand.

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In order to hit it, your index finger should be laying on bevel #5. It is on the end of the forehand spectrum, and it may seem weird at first. In order to hold it correctly, you should hold the racket perpendicular to the floor with your non-dominant hand, grip it with your dominant hand as if giving it a handshake, and rotate your hand 3 bevels (to the right if right-handed, to the left if left-handed).

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Index finger can easily support the weight of the racket. It gives us very good support under the racket, and the racket rests nicely. So, check how your current forehand grip looks and make sure you add this little index finger technique in there so that your racket will be more stable in your hand.

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There are 4 types of forehand grips. The placement of your index finger knuckle determines the name of the grip you use and how open or closed your racket is at contact. Topspin is generated by a more closed racket face. Continental Grip (Forehand and Backhand)