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Posted in Thoughts, tagged CDD, Christian domestic discipline, DD, Domestic discipline, spanked wife, spanking, taken in hand on December 14, 2010| 4 Comments ». 1. That people who come here of their own free feel that they have the right to judge me. 2.

Lenna's Journey into submission | Learning to be a Taken In ...

Overlooking a rule, or forgetting one of Daddy’s expectations for me is pretty common lately. There are little tasks that I do for him on a regular basis that have been forgotten here and there. Things such as ironing his shirt for him on the weekend, changing out his bath towel once a week, and making the bed before I leave in the morning.

Taken In Hand: A Guide to Domestic Discipline, Power Exchange ...

Taken In Hand will guide those interested in adding consensual domestic discipline, dominance and submission, and structure to their own relationship through the initial steps of communication, understanding and discovering both partner's needs, creating mutual and realistic expectations, rules, and consequences, to the inevitable first spanking.

Are You Ready To Be taken In Hand

My Rules 1. Respect all times. 2. No Lying. 3. No Other Man. 4. No Bad language. 5. No Bad Back talking. 6. Sex when I wish, how i wish. Your body is for my pleasure. 7. No Speeding when you drive. 8. No Illegal Drugs. 9. Only two Glasses of Wine if you drink. No getting drunk.. 10. No smoking. 11.You will sleep in the nude with me every night. 12.

Submissive Wife Rules To Follow when starting out

This is a list of common submissive wife rules. The first four are based on the 4D’s and I recommend that you all follow these four rules. Rules 5 -10 rules should be followed where applicable. 1: Respect – show respect at all times. 2: Honesty – always be truthful never tell lies.

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spanking, taken in hand. What we aren’t. We aren’t DD, although sometimes I get spanked. My husband is the HoH, but that’s just because he’s a good leader and always has been. We didn’t sit down and decide he would be the Head of the House and me the Taken in Hand – we don’t really do terms like that at all. There was no “Boot ...


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Taken In Hand Relationships - GirlsAskGuys

So before you fly off the handle, just give it a read. My interpretation of it is probably a little or even a lot different than yours will be. So make your own decision about it, but I want to be a Taken In Hand Woman when I finally do get married. So my question is this, are there any men who find this sort of relationship appealing?