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Padel courts are a rectangular shape, similar to a tennis court. They are typically 10 meters wide, and 20 meters long. To ensure your court fits the official padel dimensions, it needs to stay within 0.5% variance of these dimensions. In the middle of the court, you’ll place your net. Players can use the entire length and width of the court. For reference, a tennis court measures 23.77 meters by 10.97 meters at it’s widest point. Padel Court Walls: Height and Length

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Padel courts are rectangular, 32ft 8in (10 meters) wide and 65ft 7in (20 meters) long, ...

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Here are the dimensions of a Padel Tennis Court: Court: Should be a rectangle, 10 meters wide and 20 meters long. The court should be enclosed by walls. Net: The net should divide the court into two parts, rising to 88 cm in the centre and 92 cm at the sides. Back Wall: The back wall should be 3 meters high and 2 meters wide same as the sidewall dimensions.

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The game of Padel has a court that is measured in meters instead of feet because it is popular among the Europeans. It is 20 meters in length and is 10 meters wide. The courts are similarly enclosed by walls that are completely solid and it is divided into two fields with a net separating them.

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Padel courts are 20 meters long and 10 meters wide for doubles. Single courts are the same length but only 6 meters wide. A padel court requires at least 11×21 meters, plus an extra 0.5 meters on each side. This makes the minimum needed to build a double court 231 m2.

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Padel courts are rectangular. The required area for a padel course is 20 m. x 10 m. It is one-third the size of a tennis court. It is 32ft 8in (10 meters) wide and 65ft 7in (20 meters) long, enclosed by solid walls (fully on the ends, partially on the sides).

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Artificial grass is the number one choice for your new court. Specialized factories produce the artificial grass surface as an individual kit (“PadelKit”). Standard padel court dimensions are 10.00×20.00 meters. OPEN PDF.

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Although it varies according to the request and demand, the dimensions of the padel tennis court are 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length. The International Padel Federation has approved according to these criteria.