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How to make a backboard shot in Basketball Stars - YouTube

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How to Get a Backboard Bonus. You get 4 points of the ball first hits the backboard and then go through the hoop. Getting a backboard shot isn’t easy, but once you know at what level the gauge should fill, you will easily score one. The above screenshot shows how a player can easily earn backboard bonus points.

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An easy way to accomplish this is to shoot a tad harder than normal so you catch the back of the rim and a tiny bit of the backboard as this will be enough to give you the bonus. Fire Ball. When you hit several consecutive shots the ball will ignite and every shot you hit thereafter will be worth an additional point.

Why don't NBA players use the backboard? Explained

Before proceeding, it’s important to know the type of shot that NBA players use when using the backboard. Called the bank shot, the ball hits the backboard before making for the net. Effectively executing a bank shot can be a crowd-pleaser, especially if the ball goes through the hoop.

NBA Players Hitting Their Heads On The Backboard/Rim

ATHLETIC CASES: https://athleticcases.com/You know that feeling when you jump a bit too high and end up hitting your head on the basket? These guys do. Insan...

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Basketball Stars is a game that will change everything you know about basketball. Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Miniclip’s simple but fun hoops game will cut out most of what ...

Best 'sweet spots' on the backboard - Phys.org

The best spots are off to the sides but far enough in from the end of the court to give shooters a good angle on the backboard . There's also a small area a few feet in front of the free-throw ...

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i used to think it was illegal if the ball hit the backboard when you shoot freethrows but you're allowed to if it scores or hits the rim. But yeah, depth perception is harder for kids so using the backboard is easier but honestly, shooting for a swish is easier than using the board. 3. level 1. deltalitprof.

Dissecting the Physics of Basketball Bank Shots | WIRED

It's actually quite simple: Envision the V (as shown here) on an actual backboard. Then visualize a vertical bar that sits 3.326 inches behind the backboard.