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Volleyball Hitting

Basic Strategies for the Volleyball Spike. Volleyball Hitting Line. For an outside hitter, "hitting line" means hitting the ball down the line in the corner of zone 1. For a right side hitter, hitting line would be hitting the ball down the line in the corner to zone 5. Spiking the ball down the line is often the best strategy for hitting. It's often the best strategy because it's difficult to dig this ball coming at this angle and trajectory.

How to properly hit a down ball in volleyball. by Mallory Carter

The way your hands are supposed to look is your thumbs are going to be touching on the sides and your fingers and going to be spread out and curved a little bit like your gripping and invisible ball. When you get the ball at the top of the net you push down to the left or right not just straight down. Show full text.

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Toss the ball in front of your hitting arm. An overhand serve requires you to toss the ball with your less dominant arm so you can hit it with your dominant arm. This step takes lots of practice to be able to toss the ball in the best position to be hit. Toss the ball in front of your hitting arm and about two to four feet above your head.

7 common hitting approach errors and how to fix them

On the first two steps, the hands should be relaxed and swinging naturally, staying below the waist. If the hitter is raising their hands, they will raise the center of gravity, thus slowing down the approach. Relax the fingers, hands, wrists and shoulders to allow the whip to accelerate.

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Progression 2: Hitting Downballs from Left Back, Middle Back, and Right Back. 3-4 minutes, or until everyone has hit 5-6 times. Repeat progression #1 but with a middle back hitting line added. Keep middle back players deep, because they will start to creep towards the net as the drill goes on. Progression 3: Hitting a Back Row Attack From a Toss

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How to hit a volleyball correctly. The best way to spike a volleyball. Creating topspin when you spike a volleyball. How to hit a volleyball involves volleyb...

How to Hit a Volleyball

Learning how to hit a volleyball is not only important for success, but also a ton of fun. Volleyball skills for attacking consists of 4 parts... 1. The approach The purpose of the approach is to position your body in the air ready to hit. 2. The take-off Develop volleyball skills to quickly get off the ground using both legs to jump. The shorter the ground contact time is on the last two steps of the approach the more elastic energy you can utilize for exploding high.

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Some people snap slightly sideways instead of straight down. And if you hit the ball slightly above the center line of the ball you should be getting a steeper angle. The closer your hand contact is to the top of the ball, the sharper the downward trajectory will be. Increase vertical and the rest will come.