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57 Youth Basketball Drills and Games for Kids - Ages 7 to 14

Youth Dribbling & Ball Handling Drills. 1. Maravich Stationary Ball Handling Drills - These are beginner drills to help develop better hand-eye coordination and a feel for the basketball. 2. 2-1-0 Dribbling Drills - These are beginner progressions for teaching basketball moves to your players. 3.

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V Cut Drill; 1 Ball Limbo Drill; Youth Basketball Drills for Passing and Ballhandling. Passing and Catching Basics for Youth Basketball; Dribble Drive Basics for Kids; 4-Step Ball Handling Circuit; 3 on 0 Fast Break (video) 3 Man Weave & Chase the Point Guard; Basic Principles of Ballhandling and Dribbling (video) Fun Youth Basketball Drills

Youth Basketball Drills Sample Practice Plans

Youth Basketball Drills & Sample Practice Plans © Page 6 7. Box Run Relay For this drill, divide your team into equal teams. On the coach’s command the first player from each team will shuffle down the baseline. Once they reach the corner of the court, the players will then back pedal to half court. At half court the players will then

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Tag is a classic playground game for a reason! In this kids basketball drill, we incorporate dribbling, forcing players to work on ball handling, speed, agility, control and spatial awareness. Setup. Pick two players to be ‘sharks’ starting at the halfcourt line. The rest of the team - the ‘minnows’ will be spread out on the baseline.

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Middle School / Jr High Basketball Drills. 1vs1 Close-Down/Box-Out. This 1 on 1 basketball rebounding drill will focus on rebounding, closing down a shooter, and boxing out the rebound. Basketball Shooting After Rebound Drill. This basketball rebounding drill will focus on shooting immediately after winning a rebound. Around the World Rebounding

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73 Basketball Drills for Players and Coaches (2021 Update)

Chase down layups is used to teach players to finish layups at full speed and with pressure. Since youth basketball is normally decided by which team makes more layups, this is a basketball drill you must use often. Setup: The drill begins with two lines of players down each end of the floor. One offensive line and one defensive line.

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babaranwar. Youth basketball drills are specifically designed for small kids as a lot of parents are concerned to teaching their kids some drills from the beginning. Coaching a young basketball team is one of the most fun and demanding, activities you’ll ever take on. If you’re doing it to spend more time with your kids, make a commitment to your society, or just share your passion for the game, proper planning is important to success.

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Kids enjoy fast paced drills and practices. They don’t like waiting around and they lose focus when things are moving slowly. So you must keep them moving at all times. Your players should not be standing in lines waiting. They should move from drill to drill efficiently, and they should participate in drills that are highly active and fast paced.