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Pairpuri Tezuka. Tezuka used his Tezuka Phantom forced the ball to go out. The ball kept going and was headed towards Koharu. He was hit by the ball on the face from the match of Tezuka and Ishida caused him to faint. When Koharu woke up, right in front of him was Seigaku's Captain, Tezuka, the most beautiful prince he ever saw.

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The Prince of Tennis Pairpuri Volumes are extra Databooks made for the Prince of Tennis Characters. Each volume has to do with two specific characters and a topic that relates to the characters. Along with that there are also some extras that are not related to any specific characters.

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Tennis no Ouji-sama: Pairpuri

Type:Bonus (2010) Episodes:8, ~10 min. Alternative names: テニスの王子様- ペアプリ. Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri. Prince of Tennis Picture Drama. テニスの王子様- ペアプリDVD. Prince of Tennis: Peapuri. This is a series of 8 short stories inspired by the popular series Prince of Tennis featuring different schools' characters.

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Synopsis. Fudomine Middle School's tennis captain, Kippei Tachibana, asks rival school captains Kunimitsu Tezuka, Keigo Atobe, and Kuranosuke Shiraishi to assist him with his team's practice. Shiraishi's teammate, Koharu Konjiki, decides to tag along in hopes of being able to see his crush.

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prince of tennis pairpuri 8 shortfilms Description: This is a picture drama series of 8 short stories inspired by the popular series Prince of Tennis featuring different schools' characters.

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Besides Seigaku are a select few characters from other schools. Atobe times Tezuka, divided by Koharu Prince of Tennis fans will surely enjoy this short series for its humor. The cute ending song is a bonus. Watch all of the pairpuris, the fandiscs, message in a bottle picture drama and other special episodes.

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They have: Prince of Tennis: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen! Another name for it is Tennis no Ouji-sama: Pair Prince, but I don't see it on the site. Ikr I tried browsing from the episode list in case the episodes were mixed in, but it just weren't there.