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Learn all about volleyball substitutions in this article. TA – Total Attempts – This is a statistic that tracks the total number of attack attempts. This should equal all kills, plus errors, plus “0” attacks. So K+E+0=TA. Target – In volleyball, a target is a place the passer or setter is imagining that they intend to send the ball. So the passer is attempting to send their pass to the setter and the specific area on the court where the setter is supposed to be is their target.

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dink. -an attack hit using the tips of your fingers and not the palm of your hand to push the ball over the net and over the opposing players blocking hands to an empty space on the court floor: Dink is another word for the for the "tip". Volleyball Word: "The tip" Pro player tips the ball over the block.

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ATTACK: The act of actually approaching the volleyball and hitting it, in order to gain a point. ATTACKER : The person who attacks the ball. Also known as the HITTER or the SPIKER.

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Trail of Lights (Austin, TX) TOL. Total Outstanding Liability (debts) TOL. Thunder over Louisville (air show; Kentucky) TOL. Tales of Legendia (video game) TOL. Thinking Out Loud.

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The meaning behind the letters O.T.L. or “On The Line” is we hold to a standard of excellence that is rooted in a deep desire to provide more value to the volleyball community by building relationships, promoting personal growth and sharing our passion!

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Towel volleyball: towel volleyball is a popular form of outdoor entertainment. The game takes place in a volleyball court, and players work in pairs, holding towels in their hands and attempting to throw the ball into the opponent's field.

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3-Meter Line (or 10-foot line): A line 3 meters or 10 feet from the net, delineating the front row from back row. 3 Set: A set directed to either the outside or middle hitter. Typically, low and fast, farther outside than a normal middle set. 4-2: A type of rotation with four hitters and two setters.

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